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Talk About School

Hello !

Bahasa Sarawak today is polah. purpose is to Create or DO. understand? okay, we treat the entry below. sapsap

I want to talk about school. My country has entered into a holiday for all schoolsacross the country on holiday for two weeks. two more days left for the expiry of starts on Monday as usual. it makes me feel lazy! Why? I do not like doingschool work when I was already in the house. school, indeed I have many friends. Yes,I am not a popular girl. only people who know me. yes, not many people know mebecause I'm beautiful, smart, stylish or anything. ONLY, I am a friendly, easy to get along and many more FOR THOSE WHO KNOW ME school. Not only students ofone, but two to form six levels recognizing me. as you know, I was not the artist. I do not know why they know me but I do not know them very closely. it made ​​me feel verypuzzled.
I, not like when I need to clean the shoes of the school. but, my school shoes are notdirty you might imagine. school uniforms. had to take half an hour to scrub clothesclean and neat to see.

No more ideas? I'm blur now. hahaha!

okay, here only until I want to share in my blog.

good luck!


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