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This time, I want a story about Wednesday. The story yesterday. haha!

the sapphire run, my other friends who are lonely because our friends are following the score of 'A'. Early afternoon then they will come. Then, the school conducted an official gathering. .


After the break, teacher of physical education and health we are unable to attend due to a sore throat. So, we have teachers sit-in. We all went to the biology lab 2. As we were there, we are running with a display. ouch! I can not tell you because I wouldphobia. I will remember these things remembered.

When we came out of the laboratory, the boys smiled a smile as he imagined. Weare very angry! fury!

Mr. Jefferson was marginal in our class. We rush to go to the toilet. 7 people going to the toilet at a time! worse, right?

Okay, up here I just want to share on my blog today.


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