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cerita semalam punya :)

Hello !

I'm wake up early 5:10 am . Because ? I'm so Cold . . wuuuuu~ Then , I go to kitchen . On my laptop and then Online :) I'm checking my Facebook and Blog :)

Oke , I'm want to share you something. It's about 'what am I doing in school' today .

It's 'Pendidikan Islam' period . I'm nearly fell from a chair . hahaha ! because ? a chair legs not strong again . It's not about my fault ! I have not sat in the chair . could not ! hahaha ! so shame . XD

Then , 'Pendidikan Sivik Dan Kewarganegaraan' period , teacher took us to go to the school greenhouse. We are required to remove the weedsin the flower pot, move the pots and all sorts of other activities we do.

But, at that time, some of us do these activities with the brief. We hang out at themiddle school field is not far from the green house.

I and other friends called 'negative group' is not doing these activities, but also stirredanother friend who did the activity. hahah! really bad, right?

Suddenly, I saw my boyfriend who is dreamy. I was surprised to see him and touch his hand. and, at the time that he stopped staring. haha! I do not know why.

Then, I talked with my friend who suddenly hard. surprising. . before he was lazy. butnow he is diligently. Suddenly Joseph throws a direction my friend. He said the"worm" but we do not believe it. When Joseph showed the worm was nearly on my nose, I continued to shout! but the teacher does not care me cry. Later, Joseph gavethe worms to Fify. He was screaming as hard as his heart. haha! Other friends whocould only laugh to see that we both like 'Amanda' in the 'click' on television.

Not long after, we were back to class because of these activities have beencompleted. :)

Well, up here I just want to share on my blog.


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