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awee Justin :D

hey !

I wanna share you one story about Justin XD
On 12:30 in afternoon , I added 'Justin Kidraul Bieber'. Suddenly , we're close . very close.
but, his already has gf ok :D we just like sibling :D he care bout me, and i care bout him :)
we chat, we walling on facebook, we text-ing and many more .

Aww Justin. Earlier , you say that you love me . Me too ! Love You Too My Bro :)
see you tomorrow! later we talking again ya :) OPS! I'm forgot , earlier he ask me his secret . not too big secret . hohoh ~ he hacked his gf's twitter . But didn't say anything. Just followed and unfolllowed friends. Very Naughty right ? ! but , nevermind . I'm still love him as my Bro :)

Ok ! that's all :D

Bye !

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