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The Chronicles Of Narnia The Silver Chair

The story starts when Eustace Scrubb, introduced in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, meets classmate Jill Pole at their school, Experiment House. Eustace confides to Jill that he had been "out of this world" to a land called Narnia, and that his experiences there had led to the change in his behaviour that everyone had noticed. When Jill and Eustace are attacked by a gang of bullies, Eustace suggests asking for Aslan's help—and the two blunder through a gate that leads them to a high cliff in Aslan's Country.

Jill shows off by approaching the cliff's edge, and Eustace, trying to pull her back, falls over the edge. Aslan appears and saves Eustace by blowing him to Narnia. He charges Jill with helping Eustace find Prince Rilian of Narnia (who had disappeared some years before), and he gives Jill four Signs to guide her and Eustace on their quest. The fourth and final Sign is that at a key moment they will be asked to do something in Aslan's name. Aslan then blows Jill into Narnia, where she arrives a few moments after Eustace—just as an elderly and frail King Caspian X sets sail east to search for Aslan one last time. Trumpkin the Dwarf, now Lord Regent, gives them room in Cair Paravel, but no help on their quest. Instead, they are aided by Master Glimfeather and a Parliament of his fellow talking owls (a pun on Chaucer's Parlement of Foules, but also a nod towards the use of the word "parliament" as a collective noun for owls, as "exaltation" is for larks). The owls explain that Rilian disappeared while searching for the green serpent that killed his mother, and is under the spell of an enchantress.

Jill and Eustace journey toward the land north of Narnia with a gloomy but stalwart Marsh-wiggle, appropriately named Puddleglum. The three cross the River Shribble, which marks the boundary between Narnia proper and the lands of the giants. The first giants they encounter fortunately do not notice them; they are playing a game throwing huge boulders at a rock-cairn near the trio. Narrowly escaping these giants, they continue north to a deep and sinister canyon. The only route across this barrier is an enormous sinister bridge, many times larger in scale than anything a human might normally use.

Hungry and suffering from exposure, they cross the bridge and meet the Lady of the Green Kirtle. She encourages them to proceed northward to Harfang, the castle of the "Gentle Giants". The giants, who are preparing for Harfang's Autumn Feast, give them a warm welcome. Refreshed by a sleep in shelter, the three look out the window and see the words "Under Me", which they recognize as Aslan's third Sign. Upon discovering that the giants are planning to eat them for the Autumn Feast, Scrubb, Pole, and Puddleglum escape from the castle into a nearby cave and slide down a long dark slope to Underland. Battered and bruised, they are now in darkness; but they have followed the Sign that said "Under Me".

They are found by an army of gnomes, who take them aboard a boat across a Sunless Sea to the city ruled by the Lady of the Green Kirtle. Her protégé, a young man, greets the travellers pleasantly but does not seem right in the head. He explains that he suffers from nightly psychotic episodes, and during these episodes he must, by the Lady's orders, be bound to a silver chair; for if he is released, he will turn into a deadly green serpent and kill everyone in sight. The threesome determine to witness the youth in his torment, as they sense it could be the key to their quest.

When the young man is tied to his chair, his "ravings" seem instead to indicate desperation to escape an enchanted captivity. After launching a battery of dire threats, the youth finally begs his companions to release him in the name of Aslan. Recognizing the fourth Sign, they do so. Far from turning into a serpent or killing them, the young man thanks them. He declares that he is the vanished Prince Rilian, kept underground by the Lady of the Green Kirtle as part of her plot to conquer Narnia.

The Green Lady returns and tries to bewitch them all into forgetting who they are. The barefoot Puddleglum stamps out the enchantress's magical fire and breaks her spell. The enraged Lady transforms herself into a green serpent, and Rilian realizes that he has been enslaved all these years by his mother's murderer. Rilian kills the serpent with the help of Eustace and Puddlegum,[1] and leads the travellers to escape from Underland. The gnomes, who had also been magically enslaved by the Lady, are now freed by her death and joyfully return to their home even deeper in the earth, a land called Bism. One of them shows Rilian's party a route to the surface before leaving. Rilian returns to Cair Paravel as King Caspian is returning home, and Caspian is reunited with his long-lost son just before dying.

Aslan appears and congratulates Eustace and Jill on achieving their goal, then returns them to the stream in his country where Jill first met him. The body of King Caspian appears in the stream, and Aslan instructs Eustace to drive a thorn into the lion's paw. Eustace obeys, and Aslan's blood flows over the dead King, who is revived and returned to youth. Aslan explains that when Jill and Eustace return to their own world, Caspian will go with them briefly, to help set things right there. At the portal between the worlds, Aslan roars, and part of the wall surrounding Experiment House collapses. Caspian, Eustace and Jill cross the wall and frighten the school bullies away. The beaten bullies run back towards the school in terror, having also seen Aslan, who let them glimpse his back as part of the plan. In the confusion Eustace and Jill sneak back into the school building and change into their school clothes, while Aslan and Caspian return to Aslan's country. The bullies now chastened, Experiment House becomes a better place, and Eustace and Jill remain good friends.

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